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Real Estate Law

Purchase and sale

Acquiring a new home is often one of the biggest transactions in our lives, as is making the choice to sell our current property. In both cases, it is essential to be well supported and to leave nothing to chance. The firm Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires will ensure that the entire transaction process takes place according to the rules of the profession, avoiding many worries and advising you from submitting a promise to purchase to signing the deed of sale. You can count on our team to ensure the transfer of ownership is a smooth and easy process.

Services that we offer:

  • Draft or analysis of purchase proposals;
  • Draft of contracts for property sale or purchase;
  • Evaluation of property titles, certificate of location, etc.;
  • Follow-up after deed of sale registration;
  • Consultation, support, and advice on the different stages of financing;
  • Management and protection of sums of money;
  • Validation of documents;
  • Guidance to obtain the necessary authorizations.
Achat et vente

Mortgage and Refinancing

Before starting the process of applying for a loan or mortgage guarantee, contact us so we can guide and advise you on making the best decisions in your interest. Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires can help you understand the commitments and terms that such a loan entails. In addition, we review and prepare all of the documentation related to your application.

Hypothèque et refinancement

Family Law


A notarial will is the best and most direct method of simplifying the task of your loved ones and ensuring respect of your wishes, even if your heritage is simply of sentimental value. This document facilitates the liquidator’s work by preventing many difficulties. Additionally, if you have children of minor age or a substantial estate, a clearly drafted will supported by expert knowledge of the law is crucial.

Services that we offer:

  • Drafting of will
  • Advice and suggestions (in relation to tax, legal matters, and more);
  • Notarial will;
  • Registration in the Register of Testamentary Dispositions;
  • Document retention and protection.

Protection Mandate

A protection mandate, previously known as a mandate in case of incapacity, is a document that allows you to choose who will make decisions for you if you can no longer do it yourself. Some people are under the illusion that if they are not able to perform their daily activities or make their own decisions due to a weakness or illness, their spouse or children will be automatically entitled by law to do so on their behalf. Unfortunately, this is not the case, which is why it is of utmost importance to appoint a person to be your mandatary, who will be able to legally administer your property, manage your money, or take care of your children in the event that you are no longer able to do so. In this document, you can also specify the care you want to receive if you are no longer able to request it yourself.

Mandat de protection

Settlement of Estates

Settlement of an estate is used to designate the liquidator, formerly referred to as the executor, who is the person responsible for settling the estate of the deceased person. This person will be responsible in particular for notifying the heirs and various governmental bodies of the death, taking inventory of the property and the debts of the deceased, and settling the taxes of the latter, while respecting both the will and the laws. The liquidator may be appointed by the person in question or by their heirs. If this is your situation, our team of professionals can accompany you throughout the settlement process to simplify the task or we can even act as liquidators on your behalf, thus avoiding the heavy administrative responsibility.

Règlement de succession

Non-Litigious Procedures

Non-litigious procedures are in fact procedures which have not been contested and for which the people concerned generally agree. In the case of a non-litigious proceeding, going to the court or the clerk to obtain a judgment is required, so your notary can be present before the Court on your behalf.

Probate of a Will

Probate of a will is the approval of a will. This is a process to verify and validate this document to ensure that everything is in compliance with the law and thus confirms the authority of the designated liquidator. The law requires in particular that a holographic will or a will before witnesses be verified and validated by a notary at the time of death of the person concerned in order to ensure authenticity. If a person dies without having made a will, our team of notaries will follow the rules established by law to appoint the heirs of the deceased and to accompany them in appointing a liquidator.

Homologation of Protection Mandate

Similar to a probate of a will, a homologation of a protection mandate is the process used to certify the document, if applicable. Our notaries will first help you determine if the person who has become unfit to make decisions has prepared a protection mandate and, if necessary, to proceed with its homologation.

Opening Protective Supervision

The difference between opening protective supervision and the homologation of a protection mandate is simple, it concerns the presence or absence of a protection mandate drawn up by the person who became unfit before they became unfit. If the person has not made a protection mandate and becomes unfit, we must “open” a protective supervision rather than just proceed with the homologation of their mandate.

Procédures non-contentieuses

Marriage and Civil Union

Preparing for marriage or civil union with a loved one is a wonderful step in life! We can help you prepare for your life together by informing you on the options available for a matrimonial regime or civil union, as well as the related rights and obligations. In addition to helping you prepare for your marriage or civil union, we will be happy to celebrate your union and vows of love, in the place of your choice. Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires will be part of your memories of that special day!

Mariage et union civile

Business Law

Business Purchase and Sale

Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires has in-depth expertise in business law. If you intend to acquire a business or want to sell your own, our team of professionals will accompany you at each stage of the transaction to ensure everything goes smoothly and all the procedures are followed in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. We will explain to you the exact meaning of the seller’s statements as well as to the economic, legal, and even environmental status of the company you intend to acquire. By choosing Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires to guide you during this important professional step, you are going with an experienced, dynamic team that has developed a solid contact network over time and that will help you make the best decisions.  Our firm also has extensive expertise in purchasing and selling small businesses, including restaurants and convenience stores with a liquor license, in addition to taxis.

Achat et vente d’entreprise

Purchase and Sale of Shares

When purchasing or selling a business, and purchasing or selling shares, the help of professionals is needed to protect you and to inform you of your rights when you become a partner in an existing business.  Our team will check the minutes book, review the certificates, draft the shareholder agreement, and issue the share certificates to ensure you are covered.

Achat et vente d’actions

Federal and Provincial Incorporation

When deciding to go into business, you have a multitude of things to consider, including federal and provincial incorporation. Having a lot on your mind during this process, your notary will help clarify things and advise you on the best approach for your project. Whether sole proprietorship, partnership, or federal or provincial corporation, we will help make your dream come true.

Incorporation fédérale et provinciale

Shareholder Agreements

Are you a business partner or planning to start your business with partners? Preparation is required for every eventuality: How will any conflicts be resolved? What would happen in the event of bankruptcy, departure, or death? Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires will help you draft a shareholder agreement that will allow you to work together on a clear and solid foundation.

Convention entre actionnaires

Updating of Minutes

When running a business, it is crucial to keep your minute book up to date. At any time, whether for a tax audit or a change of administrator, the authorities may ask to see your minutes book. If there are any discrepancies, your business could incur penalties or even be dissolved, hence the extreme importance of keeping it up to date. Rest assured by entrusting us with this task and we can even store it at our offices.

Mise à jour du registre des procès-verbaux

Other Services

Travel Authorization Letter

If your child or a child for whom you are responsible needs to stay outside Canada alone or without one of their parents or guardians, it is recommended to prepare and have them sign a travel authorization letter. The Canadian authorities or those of the country visited may require this document. The certification of this letter by a notary ensures its authenticity, which will facilitate the trip.

Lettre d’autorisation de voyage

Swearing of Oaths

At different times and for different reasons during your life, you may need an oath, including for a passport application, proof of identity, signature of declaration under oath, or an affidavit. Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires is at your service to quickly settle your requests.


Receipt of Signature

If you plan to move or go on a trip for some time, our notary office can receive your documents requiring a signature and thus avoid the worry of travelling for a simple receipt of signature.

Réception de signature

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a contract that allows you to entrust the management of your money, property, or business to one or more people you trust. Thus, the agent(s) can act on your behalf in the situations provided for in the contract. Power of attorney can be requested for various reasons, for example when buying a house, settling an estate, or during a trip.


Identity Verification Agent (IVA)

To transmit electronic documents to certain government entities, including the Lobbyists Registry and the Register of Personal and Movable Real Rights (RDPRM), you must first have your identity authenticated by a notary certified as an identity verification agent. Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires provides this service to speed up your exchanges with these bodies and to greatly facilitate your life.

Agent vérificateur de l’identité (AVI)

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