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A career at Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires means being part of a dynamic team that offers a complete range of services and has our clients’ interests at heart. Promoting a client-centred approach, the team consists of experienced professionals working in real estate law, business law, and family law. Do you share the same values and want to join a competent team to take on new challenges? Establish a career with us by combining your expertise and passion to maintain the quality of personalized service that we offer our valued clients.

Many Benefits

  • Work-family balance
  • Remote work options
  • Offices closed during holidays
  • 10 sick days per year

A relaxed atmosphere




I have worked for the firm since 1998, and I can testify how it fosters the well-being of its employee by supporting them both in their work and on a personal level. The physical well-being of employees is of paramount importance, therefore we use ergonomic workstations. Additionally, the scheduling is flexible, allowing for days off or absences to be able to balance various family responsibilities.

Francine Aumont, Operations Support Assistant

To describe Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires in three words is easy: welcoming, empathetic, and respectful.

Marie-Josée Gagnon, Legal Assistant

Answering the question: How would you describe the work atmosphere and your relationship with your colleagues? My answer: fun and good-humoured… especially on Fridays!

Carole-Anne Bédard Demers, Legal Assistant & Operations Director

There is always a warm atmosphere and the relationship with my colleagues is wonderful, we always do great work as a team!

Danie Marion, Assistant & Receptionist

Even though I’m fairly new in the office, I really enjoy the dynamics!

Francine Gagnon, Legal Assistant

I have been working for the firm for 30 years now, and I would describe the work atmosphere as such: We are a family, and I have always appreciated coming to work and seeing my colleagues.

Linda Gagnon, Legal Assistant

What do I like most about my job? I truly enjoy my work. The tasks vary, there is no routine work, so every day is a new day. I love having so much autonomy and feeling respected.

Patsy Dagenais, Legal Assistant

The atmosphere for work and with my colleagues is excellent, we help each other out, and we show great respect toward one another. And even better, we always have a lot of fun!

Rébecca Bertrand, Legal Assistant

Trépanier & Raffoul Notaires are excellent employers and we have a great team!

Sylvie Charlebois, Legal Assistant

What do I like most about my work? The atmosphere, but most of all, the team!

Tania Chainé, Secretary


An overview of the company

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We are always looking for new collaborators! If you recognize yourself in our company’s values, send us your application and tell us more about your career plans.

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