Wills and Testaments

A notarized will is an easy and economical way to simplify the task of your loved ones and ensure your wishes are promptly and fully respected.

Even if your estate consists of only a few keepsakes, this document will make the liquidator’s task easier and spare your loved ones difficulties. If your estate is more substantial or your children are minors, a clear will drafted by a legal expert is all the more important.

Once the document is notarized, it is fully valid and protected.

The notaries of Trépanier & Associés offer the following services, among others:

  • drafting the will;
  • providing advice and suggestions on legal, tax and other matters;
  • notarizing the will;
  • registering the will in the Registre des dispositions testamentaires (Register of Testamentary Dispositions);
  • preserving and protecting the will.